Mac Mini Data Recovery


I have been using an Apple Mac Mini G4 computer which is preventing me from using the mouse on the desktop. When I go into any part of the desktop, I am not able to move the mouse onto the icons, and I also can’t open folder such as Disk Utilities, so that I can view files. What happens is that I can move the mouse easily, and the cursor will follow the movement of the mouse, but the screen will also move, so that I am chasing the icons around the screen. I am not able to right click and then choose the options displayed, because the drop down box will also move along with the mouse. It is as though the whole screen is the cursor. This means that I can’t view the data which I have in the folders on my hard drive, and which contains information I want to look at in the near future. This is important for my company, and not being able to open the files could lose me contracts and would definitely hamper my career.


I am running a MAC OSX on a Mini G4 computer system. I have been having a problem since the computer turned itself back on after I had shut it down. This problem involves some of the data which I had saved that night, and which was due to be backed up during the weekend along with the other work computers. Sometime during the night, when the office was closed, the computer turned itself on, and then seems to have performed a recovery process which has restored the computer to an earlier point in time. That is fine, but for the fact that the data which was created that week, including images, documents, letters and saved emails, have all been lost. The computer cannot find any of the files which were made from the previous back up to that night, and it contains some important data, including client requests and some new assignments which were only available on that computer. I need to be able to recover the data which has gone missing.