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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


I am suffering a problem with my D-Link DNS 321. I had no problem at all with the device at first, formatting the drives and mapping them easily, so that they could be read on the network computers. It seemed very easy, and then suddenly, the device was dead. The unit was functioning perfectly well at night, and then the next morning I put it on and it just would not respond. There was no light, no movement of the disks, and no beeping. What I did notice was that it was very, very hot. I unplugged it immediately, and, because I could smell burning, I removed the cover of the enclosure. The two drives that were in there were actually smoking, and they were too hot for me to remove them immediately. I fished them out eventually, and laid them on a tiled floor in the hopes that this would cool them down. I am now getting no response whatsoever from the drives. I suspect that they are seriously damaged. The problem is that I have a lot of information being held on those drives, some of which had not yet been backed up onto my secondary system. Can yourselves help me to get back my data?


I have been operating a D-Link ShareCenter for some time, and have now suffered a serious failure with data being eaten left right and centre. The problem started when I updated my firmware, and installed 2 new 1TB drives. I rebuilt the drives so that they were operating in the same dimensions as my other drives. However, when I tried to send copies of files over to the NAS, I experienced a problem. I had spent most of the day copying files to the ShareCenter, and wanted to make sure that everything was fine. I looked at the data validation, and saw that some 12 were ‘not the same as the source files’. I checked this, and discovered that the corrupted files which had been sent to the ShareCenter had some hex offsets which were at zero. These corrupted files are almost certainly lost to me for good now, and I don’t know what to do about them. It seems like I will not be able to get the data back now it has been corrupted, but I am still hopeful that a professional data recovery company like yourselves may know a way to restore my files.