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Mac Recovery


I have an almost new iMac which is not booting up into the operating system. I can see a folder with a question mark, which I think means that the hard drive is missing, and this prevents the OS from loading. I have saved a lot of data to this hard drive, and really need to be able to extract it. I don’t want to risk not having this data next month, when it is vital, simply because I could not solve this problem. The data relates to information which is vital to my job, and my boss won’t be very impressed if I can’t find this data and present it to him next month.?


I have a relatively new Macbook Air which I wanted to use more than the PC computer. I have saved some data to the Macbook already, including data that I need for my home office. I have been trying to connect the Macbook to a USB flash drive, so that I can download and upload data as I do with my PC. I downloaded all of the data from the USB drive onto the Mac, but now I can’t get the Mac to recognise the USB again. I downloaded software from the internet which was supposed to help with the drivers, but this has not worked. I don’t want to spend any more on apps which would prevent me from using the USB in the future, but I do want to have the data extracted from my Mac, and backed up onto USB drive.