Acer & Toshiba Recovery


I have an Acer laptop which appears to have lost some of the files that I had previously saved on the computer. I updated Windows 7 recently, and since then I have noticed that a large number of the files which I have in My Documents are marked with a red cross. When I try to open up these files, the computer says that ‘Word could not open the file because it is corrupt’. It then asks me if I would like to recover the document, but when I press ‘Yes’, it simply says that it was not possible to recover it. I have not been able to save anything to the computer since, but the most important issue is getting back the documents contained within the files which are corrupt. I tried to run a recovery program which did not succeed in opening any of the documents, but instead said that the hard drive had no problems and bad sectors.


I am having trouble with a Toshiba Satellite U945 which is not creating files and folders. Each time I try to open up a folder in Documents or Pictures, and then put another folder inside it, the laptop freezes up completely, and I have to do a reboot. Many of the functions in Word also cause the laptop to freeze. These problems can be lived with, but the biggest problem is opening up the folders which have already been created inside other folders, and opening up Word documents which have had fonts changed or Spell Check from the Review system running. I am therefore not able to get the system working as it should, and these documents and files are now inaccessible. I want to recover as much data as possible from these files, so that I don’t have to recreate it from memory. Some of the data, such as photographs and messages from online sources, could not be recovered in this way, and so are doubly valuable.