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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hard Drive Recovery

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Hard Drives And What Causes Their Malfunction:

There are a variety of reasons as to why your hard drive may malfunction. There may be problems with the hardware within the drive that allows it to spin and complete the reading and writing process; problems with operating systems that cause conflicts between software and hardware, or issues with the firmware that submits commands to the hard drive. Any of these, and a variety of other problems within these categories, can cause your hard drive to behave strangely and fail during the saving or retrieval of important information. We at www.oxford-datarecovery.co.uk have a vast knowledge of the problems incurred by hard drives, and are on hand to help the computer users of Oxford and its surrounding locales.

Hard Drive Mechanical Breakdown:

Problems of a physical nature can manifest themselves on your hard drive over a period or time or may suddenly occur without any warning. Whether with warning or not these problems can cause untold disruption to the user and can leave them requiring help with the recovery of the data on the hard drive. Spindles, read/write heads, actuators (and their arms)and other hardware attached to the hard drive can lead to its sudden cessation. On some occasions the hard drive may make some noise out of the ordinary which should be taken as an indication that an issue has arisen. A sound that can be best described as ‘metal grating against metal’ is often the audible precursor of an oncoming problem that could render your hard drive useless. If such a noise can be distinctly heard please switch off your computer and contact us here at www.oxford-datarecovery.co.uk.

Hard Drive Deleted or Formatted In Error:

A common problem that requires our assistance is that of accidentally removing important information or files from the hard drive by mistake. It is something that can happen to the best of us and there is no legislation for it when it happens. Some offer the notion that recovery software purchased online can solve the problem but there are issues with this such as an inability to recover hidden files or a problem in reconstituting files that have been zipped or compressed in another format before deletion. We here at www.oxford-datarecovery.co.uk have up-to-date software that can be utilised, as well as experts with many years of experience, who can identify how the information was deleted or formatted.

Hard Drive Misunderstanding Read/Write Commands:

When a Read/Write command is sent to your hard drive this triggers a complex series of movements using an equally complex series of components to carry it out. Read/Write heads pass over the ceramic or glass platters within the drive in order to read or write data as necessary. These heads do not touch the platters and are cushioned by a thin layer of air between the platters; damage to this sequence of events can lead to Read/Write commands failing or being actioned incorrectly. The result of which is that the drive itself may malfunction and leave you unable to access any data stored before the Read/Write error occurred. Contact us for more information if your hard drive refuses to allow you to read or store information without any prior suggestion of a problem.

Firmware Failures:

If no obvious mechanical issue has arisen; at least not one that you can identify, then it is possible that the firmware that operates your hard drive has failed. Firmware is a small program that functions on a large scale just as an operating system would. Its purpose is to govern how your hard drive operates and how it responds to requests from other devices within your computer. Firmware failings can lead to the hard drive becoming null and void in terms of user/hardware co-ordination and can leave you, the user, unable to access or retrieve your data.

Hard Drive, Windows & OS Conflicts:

All computers have an operating system and all operating systems can develop faults. To this end it is important to understand how a fault, or conflict, within the operating system can lead to the hard drive no longer functioning correctly. One important aspect of a hard drive failure as a result of intervention from an operating system is what software or hardware have you recently installed? If you have added new hardware or software to your setup then it is possible that a drive or software file has corrupted causing what is known as a ‘Logical Error’. However irrespective of its name errors caused by ‘Logical Errors’ are often completely illogical in relation to how they may affect a hard drive. We at www.oxford-datarecovery.co.uk are on hand to help you deal with problems that arise as a result of conflicting operating systems and hard drives.

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