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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from iMacs and Macbooks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Mac Hard Drives Identified Failures:

The sudden failure of your Apple Mac hard drive can mean a hardware or other device failure or a device failure caused by corrupt firmware. Many Apple Mac users that have approached us for help have done so because their hard drive has developed a failure without warning which has left them unable to access the data stored on the drive. To this end we now have 15 years experience in recovering data from Mac drives that might, in other circumstances, have been considered lost.

Apple Mac Not Allowing A Physical Boot:

When you switch on your Mac you are attempting to carry out a physical boot. To this end the process should, if it works correctly, mount the drive on which the operating system is seated. However problems can arise if there has been a hard drive failure or if there has been a failure caused by either a software conflict or an operating system ‘Logical Error’. Many users who contact us here at oxford data recovery do so because their Mac has displayed a symbol at the boot up stage which is commonly known among Apple users as a ‘Prohibitory Sign’. There are a number of these symbols which all equate to different faults but generally the most common among them is the ?. This symbol means that the path used by the drive is no longer valid and maybe the result of a failed software installation or the failed installation of a peripheral device and/or its firmware.

Mac Hard Drive Mounting And Unmounting Difficulties:

When you switch on your Apple Mac the first thing it attempts to do is mount the correct drive containing the operating system. This is normally the hard drive that the Mac came equipped with; what PC users would know as the Master drive. To this end if there are problems mounting the drive then it might be as a result of errors caused by bad sectors and clusters or a hardware failing such as a Read/Write head failure or actuator arm fail. The actuator arm is so small that it is almost impossible to see to the naked eye and moves so fast within the hard drive (50+ times a second) that its damage is destined to cause the drive to fail. Data can be recovered by us here at oxford data recovery but there is little hope of recovering the drive if an actuator arm malfunction occurs.

Mac Upgrade Problems Involving Firmware:

All computers, including Macs, operating with firmware inside. This firmware is designed to co-ordinate the functions of each device such as the hard drive, the CD/DVD ROM, the motherboard and so on. Some firmware can be updated using an installer downloaded from the device’s manufacturing website or from a CD/DVD that has been included with the Mac but installing the firmware or upgrading it does not mean that the problem has been resolved. In some instances the introduction of a revised firmware version may leave the hard drive completely unusable or with serious Read/Write issues. To this end we find many clients need our help in recovering their data when a firmware issue has left their drive completely devoid of all function.

Mac Hard Drive Issues Caused By Non-Compatible OS:

Some of our clients have contacted us to ask for help after they have installed a new operating system or have downloaded an update to an existing one. This is a common problem is caused by the fact that new software has not been designed to run alongside older hardware or hardware firmware. The best way of describing this is to imagine, if you will, adding a lesser powered engine to a sports car, the result of which is either the car will drive but well beneath recognised performance levels. Or the engine will simply give our trying to operate a vehicle that is way too powerful. At oxford data recovery we are well versed in the problems caused by non-compatible OS and the subsequent issues relating to onboard hard drives.

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