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Hard Drive Problems from Clients

I’m looking for help because of my Hitachi Deskstar 2000GB internal SATA drive that has developed such a serious fault that I am going to have to get a new drive. My problem is I want the information that is on the Deskstar because it contains financial records for my business and without them I am in deep trouble. I should hold my hands up at this point and say its been a while since I did a backup so part of the problem is mine. The problem started a few months back when the drive started to make loud clicking noises on an intermittent basis, which I could live with. I thought it might just have been the fact the computer was sitting next to a desktop filing cabinet and it was ratting but the problem got worse. I discovered by accident that if I rebooted the computer it would stop so I thought it was nothing to worry about but now I can’t write any data to the disc at all. I downloaded the software that allowed me to run Hitachi fitness reports but now it is telling me there are problems with the disc but cant diagnose them. Also it is telling me that the drive is not a Hitachi drive when it clearly is. At least that is what it says on the label on the disc. I had my father in law check that the drive was connected properly. So I am stuck with a drive that will load the operating system – in this case Windows 7 – but will not allow me to access any of the information on it. What am I going to do?

I’m having issues with my Western Digital WD My Passport 1TB Portable Hard Drive which I am not surprised about now that I have done some digging on the internet. At the time it was recommended to me in a high street retailer who shall remain nameless but after a few weeks the problems started when the drive went into hibernate and wouldn’t kick back in when I tried to access it via my laptop. Once I discovered that problem I thought I could deal with it so I was prepared for it and tried not to leave the drive unused too long. Now though the drive is completely unresponsive and I can’t do anything to access the data on it. All is seems to want to do now is beep at me and every time I try to access the contents on it I get a message telling me that the drive cannot be accessed. I have tried to access it using a whole host of other computers including Apples, a variety of desktop PCs and laptops only to be told the same thing. As I found on the internet this seems to be a common problem and the only options open to me are to find a data recovery company who can help me retrieve my data, can you help? I have read on multiple forums that this is a common issue but there is no way of resolving it other than getting a professional’s help.