Case Study 1: iMac Mechanical Damage

Client had an iMac that was connected to a power supply that was hit by lightning. The lightning strike damaged a number of electronic devices including 2 x TV’s, 1x radio, 1 x sky digital box etc. Unfortunately the lightning strike also caused damage to the the iMac and now it won’t boot up. The hard drive was removed from the iMac (Western Digital WD5000) and put into an external hard drive enclosure to try and read the data but no joy with this.

We received iMac hard drive in and diagnosed that it had several problems, electronic damage, firmware problems and also motor problems. When a hard drive has several problems we always recommend a platter exchange service to our clients as it gives the best chance of recovery. We completed a platter exchange service for client and imaged 99% of the data. We then processed the hard drive image and extracted the data. 99% recovery rate from a severely damaged hard drive was a good result for client.

* If your hard drive has several damaged internal components we are experts in recovering data from this type of problem.