Case Study 2: Corrupted Raid Dataset on a Synology DiskStation

Client is using a Synology DiskStation for storing all work related data for his office staff. One day the client upgraded the DSM of the Synology DiskStation and ever since the Synology DiskStation will not boot up. During the update the client thought that the update had not completed and the Synology DiskStation decided to reboot. Since the reboot the system will not allow the client to run the update or allow the client to connect to the Synology DiskStation. The computer does not recognise that there is a Synology DiskStation connected so client thinks the Synology DiskStation Raid has been wiped!

We received Synology DiskStation in for recovery and diagnosed that it was a Raid 5 system x 4 250gb hard drives. All hard drives were working fine but the raid data on the 1st disk had become heavily corrupted and was unusable for the recovery process. As it was a raid 5 system we only needed 3 out of the 4 disks to process the data so we imaged the 3 remaining disks and processed 100% of data from the Synology DiskStation system.

* If your Synology DiskStation has had a failed firmare upgrade please contact us for a data recovery quote.