Case Study 3: IBM 225x Server – Failed Smart Test

The IBM 225x Server is reporting that 2 out of the 6 hard drives have failed. The exact message was that the hard drives had been reported as degraded but a few reboots later and it was reporting that the hard drives were now defunt. Client checked the drives in a disk management utility and even though the disk management reports all disks are healthy two of the disks failed its smart tests. No rebuild options are given as client does not think they have a hot spare on server.

We received in the 6 disks and imaged all working disks. Two of the disks had millions of bad sectors so these two drives was put on a hardware imaging system to image all sectors on the hard drive. We then extracted the data from the raid array for a full recovery.

* If you are unsure whether to risk your data and do a rebuild, call us for some free advice.