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Camera Data Recovery


I have a camera memory card which I have been using for several months. I have had no problems in the past, and so thought there would be no problems when I took some pictures for my business. I wanted to download the pictures onto my computer, and so I extracted it from the camera. As I was carrying it over to the PC, the card fell out of my hand, and landed on a hard wood floor. When I picked up the card, it was clear that there was a small piece of the case missing. I put the card into the card reader anyway, hoping that it would not be a problem, but the computer won’t recognise the card. I have tried it in a number of positions, including in the reader and back in the camera which was connected to the computer, but it is not seen by the computer, which means that I can’t download the data. I can accept that the card is broken, but I really need the photographs off of the card.


I have been using a Sandisk camera memory card, and have taken a large number of photographs, somewhere between 200 and 250 pictures. The card is a large one, and so I thought that it would be able to hold more pictures, but when I tried to take another photograph, the camera reported that there was a memory card error. I have not damaged the camera, but it will no longer read the card. I tried to extract the pictures on the card by using a card reader, attaching it to the USB port. The laptop thinks that the card is fine, but will not download any of the pictures which are on there. The pictures are being reported as ‘corrupt’. I can go into the folder and see that there are several files there, which seem to relate to days when I have taken photographs, but there is nothing in those files apart from a small .txt document. I am concerned that the card has lost all of the photographs I have taken.