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Hard Drive Failure

I’m using a Western Digital I HTS54 portable drive but lately it has been taking an age to read or write data. I thought it was simply a case of I was trying to get the drive to cope with too much data so I tried copying or moving one file at a time. This didn’t seem to make any difference at all and eventually I decided it was time to do the sensible thing and replace the drive whilst making an extensive backup first. Upon getting myself set up with a whole host of blank discs to copy everything onto I realized that the drive was now no longer allowing me to have access to any of the folders on it. I thought perhaps something had happened that I had missed so switched off and back on again and this time I got the blue screen of death every time I tried accessing the disc. I can still see the disc in disc management and also in the windows explorer panel but that’s as far as it will let me go. I could do with making a backup at least as its been a while, is there anything I can do?

I’ve been away on holiday and come home to find that my Transcend 1TB Storejet external hard disc drive is no longer working. Admittedly the first thing I did was ask the kids if they had been using it as I had left it connected to the family computer but they said they hadn’t. Even my wife said the drive was playing up and had been since a couple of days after I went. The problem seems to have started after the drive began making a host of weird and wonderful noises (my wife’s words) and since then its become slower and eventually just stopped altogether. I asked if there was any sign of the BSOD but they all said they hadn’t saw anything so I can only assume that the drive itself has just given up. I checked out the reviews for the disc online and a lot of people have said the same thing has happened to them. My first reaction was to try and back up everything on the drive but low and behold it won’t let me. Can you help me as I have a lot of files on there that I would like to keep?