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My problem is with my Iomega eGo, which has a 1TB memory. I was using the disk perfectly well until recently. It happened overnight, one evening it was working fine, and then the next morning, it would not respond. There was no whirring sound, as usual. The small blue LED light is on, which I assume is a good thing, but it is a solid, constant light, rather than the flashing which indicates that the drive is working. There is also no indication that the drive is working other than the light. When I put my ear to the drive, there is no buzzing sound at all. I think that the power connection has failed on the inside, and disconnected, and that the best solution would be to open up the Iomega hard drive, and push the cable in a bit further. However, while this might be a good idea, I know that it will void the warranty, meaning that if there is a more serious problem, I might not be able to get it repaired.


My Iomega eGo external hard drive (1TB) was recently broken. The connector pin came away from the rest of the hard drive, and there was no communication between the Iomega and my Windows PC. I had this problem fixed at my local PC shop, but when I plugged it back into my computer after it had been repaired, my PC put up a message asking that I format the drive. I have a lot of important information on the drive, and so did not want to format it, but the repair man told me that that was the best option. I really need the information from the hard drive, and don’t know the best solution to my problem. I would be really upset if all I could do was reformat it, particularly as I can see it from my Disk manager. It is only in the control panel, and in My Computer, that the drive is missing.