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LaCie Data Recovery


I have two Lacie hard drives which are exhibiting a strange response when I try to use them with my computer. Both drives are of the same Lacie model, and both of them have 1TB of memory with 3.0USB connections. However, recently one of them has been playing up, and I don’t know how to solve the problem. I keep the drives connected to my main computer all the time, but never have both connected. This drive works well, so that is fortunate. However, when I want to copy of some of my backed up work onto another drive, almost all the time, it freezes or stalls for around 60 seconds, and then starts working again. It will pause for this length of time, and then start writing the files onto its drive and then will force the computer to reboot. The stalling happens no matter what I do, regardless of whether I am using a program to copy the file, or am just doing it by hand using Windows. I have tried to use different cables and connections on the drive with no success. I have also tried to use the drive on other computers, with the same result. I have looked at the drives in Properties, and can find no difference. I have also updated the Windows drivers. I even replaced the original drive 2 with a second model, and this new drive has the same problem.


I am using a Lacie desktop hard drive which has 320gb of memory. I have been using it with a connection to my MAC, and have also used it with a Windows PC. It has USB plug capacities for both types of computer. However, recently, I discovered that it was no longer registered on the computer. I tried linking it to other devices, including the PC and a smaller Mac computer that I have. Nothing worked. I knew that it was not in warranty, so thought that I might as well take a look under the bonnet, and found that there was a small chip on the power controller board which appears to have either blown, or just melted. There were no signs that the device was getting overheated, and certainly the day before it had been working fine with no problems at all. I tested the hard disk itself, and found that it spins around happily, and there are no clicking sounds. However, I want to retrieve the information on there, nearly half of the whole drive capacity.