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Netgear Data Recovery


I have been using a Readynas Duo with around 2TB of memory on a pair of drives. This was designed to be set up as a Raid 1 Mirror. It was working well until a fuse blew in the home, and took power from the Readynas. I turned the device back on, and since then there are no drives available from the machine. I tried to turn off the Readynas again, but found that I cannot turn it off using the power button. I now power off by simply unplugging the device from the power supply. I decided to open the enclosure as I am out of warranty, and removed one of the hard drives. When I turned on the Readynas without the hard drive, I found that I could see it on the screen, but my computer insists that it is a bad disk. I used Linux to view the removed drive, but was told that the drive could not be mounted. In ordinary Windows Disk Manager, the disk is visible, but labelled unallocated. I am desperate to recover the data stored on these drives.


I am hoping that someone can help me with a Netgear Readynas Duo 2 hard drive system, where one of the drives has been lost to the system. I have been running this Readynas set for some time, and have been saving a lot of data to the hard drives. Suddenly, one of the drives has fallen off of the network, and I cannot get my computer to recognise it again. What happens is that I turn on the machine, and the software spots it for a few seconds. It starts running a file check, and then the Readynas just disappears from the screen. I have tried to take out the hard drives, and use it separately through an Ubuntu machine, but this is not possible. One of the drives is completely empty, showing nothing at all except the words “Unknown File”, and the other is being described as having a ‘smart’ error, so it cannot be mounted. I only connect it to the machine, and the ‘smart’ error appears. I don’t know whether I was using RAID1 or RAID0.