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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


I have a single drive Synology NAS which has a lot of data in from the office I work for. This NAS has been operating for some time with a few faults, pieces of data would go missing, emails would be lost, etc, but it was not repaired. What has happened now is that the Synology hard drive has crashed, and can’t be made to boot up again. We have tried everything from replacing power cables to installing new USB ports. The machine won’t come on, not even to the stage where there is a light on the front of the enclosure. There is no beeping, there is no sound, nothing except the first few seconds, when it seems like the NAS is warming up a bit. The main problem is that all of the data for the office is stored on this system, and we cannot extract the information. We have even tried using a LAN, and there is just no response, the computer is saying that it can’t find the Hard Drive. I tried to clone the drive using a SATA port, but the cloning was only partially successful, with more than 300 bad sectors being reported.


I have a recently-bought Synology DiskStation 413. I have been having problems with it for days. Firstly, I experienced a problem with it suddenly deciding to backup in the middle of a working day. This was totally unscheduled, but when I looked at properties, I noticed that all of the scheduling had been changed, and that it seemed to be backing up every few hours. I already knew that the DiskStation takes ages to backup, so I actually stopped working, and went out for a bit. When I came back, the backing up had finished, but I am now having problems with other parts of the network. A laptop upstairs is frequently prevented from using the NAS, the computer says it is not found, and I have experienced the same problem with the desktop which is right next to the NAS. It also shuts off from the internet without warning. Now, within the last day or so, it has gone completely offline. I am not able to access it through the computer, and the Disk Management section clearly says that it cannot find the Hard Drive. As I can’t wake it up, have I lost the information already saved on there?