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Hitachi Hard Drive Problems from Clients

Hitachi Touro Desk
The culprit: a Hitachi Touro Desk with 2TB of space. I am already pissed to have initially found out that the Touro Desk still has a power cord. The problem: Random files have been missing from my Touro Desk. I use my Touro as a back-up. I have essentially saved data going back as far as 10 years – call me sentimental. And previously, I’ve never had problems with transferring and storing them on previous hard drives (but those were all Western Digital Essentials). It really wasn’t a case of human error like , I assure you that- as I remember having been able to access certain photos from a particular folder within the drive and then now, they’re just gone. And not just one or two photos – the folders would be there, but if you go into it, it’s completely empty. And it turns out that it has deleted some 12 folders altogether with maybe a total of about 50GB of data collectively. They were all located in different main and subfolders within the main drive.

Hitachi Touro Desk 1TB
I have a slightly aging Hitachi (HGST) Touro Desk with a 1TB capacity. I mainly use the Touro on my laptop and it’s always plugged in. I chose to have this because it doesn’t come with the annoying pre-installed photo sorting software that the Lifestudio series of Hitachi has. I think I made a big mistake. Basically, I plug it into my 3.0 and it doesn’t get detected. I transfer it to a desktop, also with a 3.0 and it’s detected. The device is found and detected, however, there is no drive letter and I have no access to the data on the drive. This is a first for me. I’ve had severable thumb drives, card drives and much larger external hard drives but I’ve never had this problem – not with this laptop anyway.