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Maxtor Hard Drive Problems from Clients

Maxtor Peripherals PTE OneTouch II 300GB
I have been using my Maxtor Peripherals PTE OneTouch II 300GB on my Windows computer for quite some time now. I used it to backup files I need or to keep files that I need to have on-the-go. Recently, I decided to replace my notebook and get a Macbook. I have heard a lot of good things about the Macbook so I decided to upgrade to that one. However, when I tried my HDD on my new computer, it seems that I cannot access the old data I kept on it. I think because I used Windows OS to save files before, they may not be compatible with Mac. But I am quite sure that my HDD is compatible for both as what is told by the Apple Store. Now I need a recovery company to extract the data from the old hard drive.

Maxtor Basics 1TB External Hard Drive
I just got my Maxtor Basics 1TB External Hard Drive from a friend who bought it overseas because it’s cheaper there. At first, it worked perfectly. I stored files, music, photos, and videos in it, which used up almost 50% of its storage space already. When I use it on my PC, I simply plug it in and my computer says it is ready for use. But when I open its folder, this is where the problem occurs. Clicking any of these folders shows an error saying that I need to format the hard drive. I don’t want to format the drive as I need the data from it.