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Seagate Hard Drive Problems from Clients

I’ve got a Seagate STBD3000100 3TB SATA Drive in my computer that is making a lot of noise and I can’t figure out why. Everything was going ok until the weekend and when I switched the machine on it started to grind and grate as though it was caught on something internally. Now when I boot the machine up I’m getting messages asking me to run chkdsk and if I don’t do this I get nothing at all. If I do run the chkdsk utility the best I get is running Windows in safe mode. Stupidly and I have to hold my hands up to this I haven’t done a back up for ages and all my college work is on there. Running in safe mode won’t allow me to perform a back up and if I try system restore it tells me there are no suitable checkpoints. What advice can you give me?

I bought a Seagate ST3160316AS 160GB drive from a well-known online store in the summer and everything has been going well. Unfortunately though over the weekend one of my cats knocked the drive off the computer table and it hit the floor with an almighty rattle. After I swore at the cat and then picked it up the drive didn’t seem to want to work just as well as it had before (surprise surprise!)I now have a drive that occasionally recognizes the computer and vice versa but for the most part it wont do anything other than have a series of flashing front panel lights and make a hell of a racket. The casing itself seems undamaged but I get the feeling that the drive has come off its heads inside. I’m no expert mind you so I might be totally wrong. But that said I need to access the drive for a whole host of reasons but it just wont let me. Is there any way of retrieving the data? Obviously not taking into consideration the cat I thought the drive was working perfectly so haven’t got anything backed up.