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WD Hard Drive Problems from Clients

Western Digital 1.0TB External Hard Drive
I am having a bit of a problem with my Western Digital hard drive. I thoughtlessly forced remove it after using it the other day and since that time, it will no longer work. When I connect it to my computer and plug it to a power source, the usual disc spinning I hear that marks its start up is no longer present. Basically, it is now quiet even when plugged in. The power light flashes yellow and I don’t know why. I used to think that if there is a loud noise on the hard drive then there is probably a damaged part inside. But mine is quiet as if the drive is dead. I just mistakenly removed it this once without waiting for the safe to remove notification so I didn’t think it will cause this damage.

Western Digital My Book Premium 500 GB
I just used my Western Digital 500GB My Book Premium this morning. It was working perfectly then but when I tried to use it again this afternoon, my machine no longer recognises it. I was able to unplug it properly this morning after using it so I don’t know now what could have caused this problem. I am currently using Windows XP Home SP2 on my machine. When I plug My Book on my computer, it slows down a bit but it doesn’t detect or load it. I tried to check it physically but I don’t see any problems. I have also tried using TestDisk to fix partition errors and boot sector errors but it is still not working. In some cases, when My Book is plugged in, my PC slows down and the explorer freezes. After unplugging the drive, the explorer stays frozen and I have to end process and rerun it from task manager.