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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I have a relatively new Asus laptop which I mainly use for college work. I have been using this for some time with no problem, but suddenly this afternoon it said that it was doing an update, and would close in 5 minutes. I wasn’t doing much, as so I said Restart immediately, which it did. I could see the updates being installed on the screen, and then it rebooted. However, when it got to the start again, the Asus logo appeared, and then I got a message which said ‘preparing automatic repair’. It then went to the logo again, and put up a message saying ‘Diagnosing PC’. I waited for 5 minutes, and then suddenly a sad cartoon face appears against a blue background. The message said ‘couldn’t gather enough data’. This passed very quickly and then the computer shut down. This is all that it is doing now, and I can’t get it to go back into the Windows OS screen at all. I need to recover data from the hard drive, such as lectures and notes.


I have a brand new Asus laptop which has data I need stored on it. I’ve only had it a few months, so it is not a lot of time to gather large amounts on the hard drive, but I still want that data back. The system came with Windows 8 already fitted, and so I did a little bit of installation, including WORD and Steam. However, after using it once, and shutting it down, I am now not able to start it up again. The first message I got was a ‘Preparing Automatic Repair’. This lasted for a minute, maybe, and then I got another blank screen. It then said it was ‘Diagnosing your PC’, and hung there for about 10 minutes. It then said ‘Repairing disk errors’. It also said that it might take more than an hour to do that. I went away from the computer, and allowed it to do the repairs. However, by evening, it was still doing them. It has been going on about repairs for about 12 hours now, and still has not completed the task.