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Recovering Data from a Laptop


I started up my HP Pavilion as usual last night, and suddenly got a message from it saying that it needed to run recovery before it could start normally. It then offered me two options, saying Recovery or Start Normally, in the Bios mode. I decided that I would like to look at the OS before recovery, and so I pressed Start Normally. The computer ignored this, and started running a repair anyway. I can’t get into the system through the Start Normally process, no matter how I try, and the recovery program stops at a certain % and won’t progress. I need to extract information from the hard drive, but when I took it out of the system, and simply puts up a blue screen when connected to a desktop. I gave it to an IT professional who promised to recover the data, but he then handed it back, and all of the data was erased. The information on there is really important, and I have to absolutely get the data back before I do anything else.


My Windows laptop has not worked properly since it fell onto the floor. I have not been able to get into the Windows system, since my computer says that the OS is not available. I have tried to run recovery programs on the laptop to get the data back, but they are not able to see the hard drive. In desperation, I removed the hard drive and plugged it into my desktop using an old SATA enclosure. I found that the desktop could not see the hard drive either, and that meant that I could not run the recovery programs. I have lots of important data on the hard drive which is not available anywhere else, and I need to be able to access the information.