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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


I had a Fujitsu Lifebook N6410 laptop which I use regularly to keep lecture notes and essays on. Some time in the past, I decided that I would put a password onto the hard drive in order to keep it safe. I recently wanted to do something with the hard drive, it might have been as simple as just loading a file, and the drive demanded the password. I don’t know it, I can’t remember what I chose to write in the password section. I have tried all of my usual passwords, including some variants, but nothing has worked. I gave up and rebooted the system, and now the computer is asking for the password before it loads the Windows screen. I can’t get into my operating system because of this hard drive password. The computer is asking for it, and won’t allow me to do anything else, as when I try safe mode, it asks for the same thing.


I have a Fujitsu Siemens Celsius laptop which is having problems with malware, I have Kaspersky internet security installed on laptop to prevent malware and viruses but if has not stopped malware getting installed on my laptop and corrupting all the data. I have run several scans against the data to try and uncorrupt the data but does not work.