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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I have an E-series Sony Vaio laptop, model number EB2AFD. I was using an older version of BIOS, and decided to update it to the latest version in order to get a smoother operation of my computer. During the upgrade, there was no problem at all. It notified me that it was complete, and I restarted the system. I then updated the BIOS, but it seemed like there was some problem with the update, because now, the laptop will shut down once the fan starts turning. To begin with, it was only the fan spinning more loudly than usual when I started to load Windows, and the computer would shut down if I did too much, such as running too many Windows when I was on the operating system. Now, it POSTS as expected, but as soon as Windows goes onto the loading page, the fan will spin loudly, and then the laptop will close down. This seems to be the entire running of the OS now, and I can’t find any way to stop it from doing this. I have a lot of data on the system, and really want to get the data off the laptop.


I am using a Sony Vaio PCG313 laptop. I have found that the laptop will keep shutting down without warning. I might be typing, and in that case I get a lot of very random characters across the page, and then the laptop turns off. I know that it is not overheating, because it seems to get much worse in air conditioned rooms, and when it is cold. If I warm up the room before starting the laptop, it seems fine. I have also tried it with only battery, and only AC, and it seems as though there is a problem operating in cold conditions in both. I have heard of laptops closing down because they overheat, but never because they have got too cold. The problem is that I am losing data now (so far lost my email and several important excel documents) because the system will randomly shut down.