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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I am having problems with a Toshiba laptop which will not boot up properly. I cannot even get it to boot into safe mode properly, and I am not able to reach my Windows OS system. The Toshiba logo on the first screen is available, but this just leads to a flat black screen, with a single flashing cursor in the corner. I thought that I would probably be able to get the system back with a hardware recovery program, which I accessed through pressing and holding the 0, and then holding the power button. This causes the Toshiba logo to appear, and I then press 0 again. However, there is no response from the computer. I have also tried using F8 to get into safe mode, and that is not working. All of the things I have tried result in the black screen, with just that single ‘_’ in the corner, flashing away at me. If I try to press any of the other buttons, there is just a loud beep.


I am using a Toshiba NB5500 laptop which is not working for me. I have tried several tricks to get it to work, but so far it has not responded. What is happening is that when I turn the system on, I get a blue screen, with the message Kernal Data Inpage Error. It then gives me a list of numbers which all seem to be zeros. This has happened since I changed the fan in the system. I didn’t take anything else out, and I have not accidentally removed the hard drive or anything stupid.