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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I have a problem with a computer, a Compaq Evo 500, which has not been working for me for a while. I am having trouble with a new hard disk, which apparently will not boot. I have done a disk clone, and swapped out the old drive, which is almost full. The new hard disk is something different from the first one that I put in, so I can see how that might be a problem, but both are standard drives that I expected would be able to work in the same way. When I installed the new drive, I am not able to boot it up. I can make it boot up only if I put in the Windows Recovery drive, which is for Windows XP. It made me think that it perhaps has a bad memory, or MBR, so I tried to fix the boot files. The repair said that there was no problem, so I started it up, and now it says that the XP itself is corrupt, and had to be repaired. It would not boot up at all.


I have an old Compaq Evo D320. I could login just by pressing enter a few times when it asked for the password, but it won’t allow me to change anything in the BIOS, so I am effectively locked out of my own computer. I was advised that it would be a good idea to try removing the battery and then draining the computer of power by pressing the start button for a minute or so. I thought it might have reset the password, but then the page demanding that I put the right one in came up again, and there is another message saying that the CMOS of my machine was invalid. I have even tried doing the jumper thing, pressing the plastic again near the battery.