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Rescue The Data From Your Dell PC


I am having a problem with a Dell Dimension 5100. This was working fine until the other day, when I got a blue screen, with the error message which said: the file system type is NTFS, and that the volume was dirty. I turned off the computer, and tried to run it again, but got the same message. I also ran it in safe mode, and again got this message. I then decided that I needed to do a CHKDSK, because I was concerned that this was a serious problem. After the CHKDSK, I rebooted, as it wanted, and then got a message with a lot of 0s, and the words Unknown Hard Error.


I have a Dell XPS Studio 7100. However, when I start the system up, there were 4 beeps which from research on Dell support website means I have a problem with the RAM read/write process. I replaced the ram with new ram memory modules but same problem. I have reset the CMOS battery, and it still will not operate. I tried the new ram into another computer and they work fine. I had a Dell Technical Support Engineer call out and he diagnosed that the hard disk was the problem and replaced the hard disk for me. I need the data recovered from old non-working hard disk.