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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I am trying to install a Windows 8 operating system in a partition on a home-build computer. I started the system up, and got it running and working to the point where I wanted to add the Windows 8 system. I put in the disks, and the computer started the installation. I watched the progress bar, and it seemed to be going well until around 75%, when I got an error message. I thought that there was a problem with the disk, so I went into my Windows 7 partition to have a look at it. This is where I got an unpleasant shock, because it seems as though the computer has been trying to install the Windows 8 system over my Windows 7 OS. I have a lot of data on the latter which seems to have completely disappeared, bar a few files which are related to Windows 8. The other partition is totally empty. I want to be able to recover the data that has been overwritten.


I have a Windows Vista operating system which is not working very well. I have been trying to work the computer though rebooting and restarting. What is happening is that it runs through all of the BIOS files, and into a Loading Operating System page. When it is on this page, it starts downloading a lot of files, which I can see passing along the screen. Then, it goes into the Windows screen, and I can see the progress bar. After a while, the bar stops moving along the screen, and nothing else happens. I have to restart every time. I have been into every setting in BIOS, even Last Known Configuration, and Restore, and nothing works. I have a lot of information which is stored on the hard drive of this computer, and I need to have that saved.