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The Best Way To Deal With Recovering Data From A Gateway Desktop PC


I have a Gateway laptop, model number GM5632e. I have found that, after a session where the computer turned itself off without warning, I have been unable to recover data from my hard drive. I work from home, and the amount of data in my libraries folder was enormous, but when I went back into the computer after this sudden shut down, and tried to open some of these files, I received a message saying that the file could not be located. It also sometimes says that the file name is invalid. I haven’t been able to look into these files and check that they are ok because of this problem, and so I am not sure what I am going to do to recover the data. Some of the stuff which is not opening is quite important to my work, and I need to have it intact.


I have installed some new Anti-virus software onto a Gateway desktop, and since then I have not been able to get into my Windows 7 operating system, except through the Safe Mode feature. I am not able to get into the OS through any other route, because it takes several minutes to boot up, and then crashes immediately, leaving only a black screen. I can get some things done by using the Safe Mode, but naturally I am limited in my ability to do everyday things, which is the whole point of Safe Mode. Being restricted like this means that I am not able to copy my data onto a USB drive, for example, and I can only visit the Home Page of my internet system, and not my emails. This means that it is not possible for me to transfer data from the hard drive to another location. I want to save this data before I do a system recovery.