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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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HP PC Hard Drive Faults & Reported Issues:

Hard drives are quite temperamental and can often grind to a halt. This can be highly stressful regardless of whether your file, folders, music and pictures are for professional or personal use. Subsequently, we strongly recommend that should your hard drive start to emanate any of the following behaviour, you shut down your system and call us. 1. Grinding, clicking, buzzing or beeping sounds. 2. Blue screens. 3. PC fails to recognise the hard drive on boot up. 4. Lower levels of performance Ignoring these warning signs will make it considerably harder to retrieve your data should it your hard drive fail. Common Reasons for PC Hard Drive Failure There are several reasons for hard drive failure. We have outlined a few of the most common faults here:

HP PC Hard Drive Internal Power Failure Problems:

When your hard drive starts to make these sounds it is due to a mechanical fault from probably taking a knock or a fall. A beeping and or buzzing sound indicates the hard drive’s motor has failed while clicking sounds point to the read /write heads malfunctioning. Either way, as we offer high data retrieval success rates for this kind of problem. Give us a call.

HP PC Hard Drive Printed Circuitry Malfunction:

A mains power spike or a power spike from plugging in the wrong kind of power supply can also cause hard drives to fail. This is more common than you might think. In such events the electronics fry and cause the hard drive to stop working. Our success rates at dealing with this issue are high, so give us a call and we’ll try and recover as much data as we possibly can.

HP PC Board And HDD Firmware Mismatches:

If your hard drive refuses to work but does not make a sound the chances are it has experienced Firmware failure. Firmware is like a bridge between your system and individual hardware devices. On a PC’s hard drive firmware is stored in platters. These platters can and do become corrupted causing the device to stop working. If this happens, do not panic. We can access the platters and retrieve lost data. Call us.

HP PC Hard Drive Problems As Caused By Linux, Unix, Windows & OS:

Should the hard drive fail due to an operating system error, this is a sure sign that your hard drive is degrading. When this happens files and folders will be visible and then disappear randomly, and you will probably be unable to copy the data on your hard drive. Internally, your hard drive is failing to allocate bad sectors properly, or there are sectors on the disk which can no long be written to or read from. Either way, send it to us so we can work our expertise and recover your data. Whatever your problem with your PC hard drive we can fix it. We have years of experience in the field, and there is not a hard drive problem we have encountered that we were unable to recover data. Call us today.

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