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Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs


I am having a problem with a Packard Bell Ixtreme desktop computer. When I boot up, the system makes a constant beeping noise until it loads up the Windows Desktop, and when I go onto the OS, I get regular messages and warning signs that won’t allow me to open any of the files on my desktop. They are all labelled as invalid, and when I double-click one, the computer says that it can’t open the file because it is corrupt. I haven’t done anything to the computer recently to cause this problem, and I don’t know what it means by saying that the files are corrupt. The only problem I had was a poor keyboard connection, which I solved by plugging the keyboard back into the computer. The keyboard is now working fine, but the data and files is all wrong. I don’t know what the matter is, but I need to be able to recover those folders, as some of them contain important documents. I wouldn’t know where to start in data recovery, so hence contacting yourselves to perform the data recovery service for me.


I bought a Packard Bell OneTwo which is not working very well. The problem is that it keeps freezing, and on restarting will stall abruptly. This would not be a problem in itself, as I could do a recovery of the OS, but this constant stopping and starting appears to have damaged some of the files on my computer. These files are work-related, and are a record of my working at home, and so therefore need to be perfect. However, recently, when I try to open the files, I am met with a warning notice, saying that the class is invalid, and I am not able to get any of the data inside. I also can’t go into the system itself and change things such as the resolution, the firewall, or the updates, again because the class is invalid. I don’t know what this means, but it is stopping me from accessing my work records, and that is a big problem for me.