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RAID Server Repair


I have a RAID array in an HP server which is not working correctly. I need to be able to recover this system due to the large amount of important data which is stored on it. The array has three disks on it, I am not sure of the make. About one month ago, one of the disks failed, and I have been running the array on the remaining two disks since that date. Yesterday, it seems as though another of the drives has failed, and I am now not able to use the array. I tried to reconstruct the RAID using software, but without success. I discovered during imaging that there were some bad seconds in one or two of the drives, and I assume these are the drives that failed. I have tried to do automatic recovery of the data on the drives, but can only get about one third of the total data which should be on the array.


I have a Dell Server in the 6800 model which has 6 drives connected through a raid array. The raid controller recently had a bit of trouble, in that it was continually losing power, or had an electrical spike which resulted in it going offline. What this has meant is that it has lost the configuration in the server, and there is now only an error in the battery, and another concerning the loss of data. The array does not appear to be available, suggesting that the data is lost because the raid cannot read the disks in the right order. I have a lot of data that is on the drive that needs to be recovered quickly.