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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I have been using a 2008 server with a RAID 5 array containing 4 hard drives, but the server is experiencing a problem which threatens to destroy the data which is on the drives. The basic problem is that I am having trouble getting the system to reboot. What happens is, if I am using the system, and want it to reboot, it will only go so far before it shuts down. While the server is up and shown on the desktop, I can see the driver files, but not the data inside the files. I have not been able to recover any of my data so far, which is worrying because I need some of the information on the drive very soon. I have discovered through tests that one of the drives might be bad, so I have attempted to remove it and get the RAID 5 array working again but this did not work.


We have an IBM X346 server which is having problems with a raid 5 array. The array has a lot of my data on it, but it is now showing an error preventing me from recovering my files. The first time this error occurred, I took out the drive which was supposed to be failing, and booted it using a diagnose CD software package, which said that it was fine. I tried to rebuild the array using this tested drive, but it failed again. Eventually I replaced the drive with another of the same storage size and the same model, and then tried to run the raid rebuild. This seemed to work fine, and when it was finished I tried to open the server in desktop. It refused to boot up once more. The server asks me to replace the drive which is missing ‘boot drive’, even though there was no OS on the drive which was removed. We have a lot of data on the drive that needs to come off of the server.