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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Sony Flash Drive 16GB
My Mac didn’t have a problem at all with recopying all the data from my other SD cards and other flash drives but this other one just won’t have it. It is on there for the first minute or so but as soon as a few seconds have passed, it ejects automatically as if you just pulled it out of the USB slot. Even if it was in the middle of a transfer, it would just pull away. Very frustrating. I can’t transfer some of the bigger files because they take time, please help recover my data!

Generic USB Flash Drive
I got this USB flash drive from a friend. It has no brand and really has no markings on it. It carries about 8GB on it and I don’t really use it until this one time that I had to transfer my files into my new laptop because the old one was going to be sold to someone. I left the data on the stick when I went to sell the laptop and now I have a new laptop and the flash drive won’t let me copy the files from it! It’s mostly photos and home videos but they are still very important to me. Please help!