IBM Data Recovery

IBM Data Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
IBM Data Recovery

Software Fault £249

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault £349

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

1 Day

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IBM Hard Drives And What Causes Their Malfunction:

The hard drive is the part of the computer which stores all of your information. Subsequently, should they go wrong you run the risk of losing your data. That is where we come in. We can recover data from damaged hard drives. Should your hard drive start experiencing any of the following problems, switch off your computer and call us immediately: 1. Constantly blue screening. 2. Beeping, buzzing, clicking or grinding noises. 3. Lower levels of responsiveness and performance. Should you carry on using the computer there is a much higher risk that we will not be able to retrieve your data from the damaged hard drive. Below are fairly typical problems we encounter with hard drives:

IBM Hard Drive Mechanical Breakdown:

Should your IBM hard drive exhibit clicking and grinding noises, the chances are it has developed a mechanical fault. In our experience clicking noises indicate a read / write head failure. Buzzing and or beeping are symptoms that the motor has failed. Either way, the IBM hard drive is on the way out. Send it to us and we will demonstrate our high success rate where hard drives suffering mechanical failure are concerned.

IBM Hard Drive Deleted or Formatted In Error:

Another common problem we see is hard drives which have been reformatted in error. This is simply done by clicking on the wrong button. You may receive an initialisation error if this has happened to you. Deleted files are another reason people contact us. Using our techniques we have managed to recover files which have been deleted for years and years. Call us, and we can help you recover files you have deleted in error, and data which has been lost due to accidental reformatting.

IBM Hard Drive Misunderstanding Read/Write Commands:

This problem is fairly common and is due to power surges and spikes frying some of the electronics. This results in your IBM hard drive dying. Our success rate with this type of problem is high. Contact us today so we can address your hard drive issues.

IBM Firmware Failures:

If there is no obvious mechanical fault, the chances are your hard drive has developed a firmware problem. Firmware is a bit like a bridge between your system’s software and the components in a hardware device. Typically, the firmware in a hard drive is stored in platters. Sometimes these platters become corrupted resulting in a firmware failure. If this happens it renders a hard drive unusable. Our success rate is high with this type of problem. Contact us today and let us recover your data.

IBM Hard Drive, Windows & OS Conflicts:

If you notice your files are only appearing now and then and you cannot copy your data, then the chances are your hard drive is in conflict with Windows and or other operating systems. This is due to the hard drive not allocating bad sectors correctly, and that sectors of your hard drive are corrupt. This is a sure sign that your hard drive is degrading. Before you start to mutter profanities, call us as our success rate in recovering data under these circumstances is high. No matter what the problem is we have encountered the problem before and can apply our expertise to try and recover your data. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can address the issue. Call us now.

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