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IBM Hard Drive Problems from Clients

IBM Travelstar Hard Drive
I have an IBM Travelstar hard drive and I’ve been having issues with my OS. I currently have a 64-bit Windows 8, I recently upgraded from a 64-bit XP home edition. I finally gave in to the upgrade despite all the whining I’ve been reading from friends about several factors but I digress. The Travelstar seems to be having issues with compatibility with the OS. It just won’t get detected and refuses to register at all although it still spins and without any irregularities on that part. I have tried to copy off the data from the drive using a USB caddy but the usb does not recognise the usb connection.

IBM Travelstar hard drive
I’ve had an IBM Travelstar hard drive installed on my older computer and I run an older Windows XP home version on it. The hard drive started freezing out on me and then giving way. I opened it up to check on the connections and as soon as it was free from the casing – it started off fine and operates without a hitch. But as soon as I get it back in, despite checking all the connections on the drive, it seems to be going through a bad slump and goes back into the problems all over again. The problem has got worse and I now cannot login to Windows XP.