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Samsung Hard Drive Problems from Clients

Samsung Hard Drives
Samsung hard drive inside an iMac computer. The iMac has been working for years without any problems. Apple recently gave out a free operating software update (OS X Mavericks) which I installed. The install only got 65% through and crashed. On reboot it tried to install again and failed, it just kept rebooting and installing until I turned off the iMac. I booked an appointment at the Apple Store and they looked at system and said there was a problem with hard disk. They replaced the hard disk free of charge and gave me the old hard drive and told me to contact yourselves to recover the data from it.

Samsung P3 1TB Portable External Hard Drive STSHX-MTD10EF
I dropped my Samsung portable hard drive yesterday. I got worried about this so I immediately checked it on the computer. Though it didn’t show any problem at that time, I tried to backed up my data just to be sure. While doing backup, I noticed that the hard drive was not allowing me to copy the data and had hung. On reboot the disk was not recognized. I ran some diagnostic tools with the UBCD and it showed that the hard drive had millions of bad sectors. I decided to run Getdataback to pull out the data while I still can but the software always hangs and says that it is “Not Responding”. I left it overnight because I thought it could finish the scan even when it is hanging. The progress bar is really slow and it reached to a point the hard drive became undetected even in UBCD. I think the head inside the hard drive is broken.