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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Raid 0 Recovery

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Home & Corporate Users And Their Documented RAID 0 Server Problems:

Should your RAID 0 hard drive disk fail do not despair. We have plenty of experience at retrieving data from RAID hard drives. Our experience has also told us that the sooner we can look at RAID hard drive that is failing, or showing signs it is about to crash, the more data we can retrieve.
Subsequently, should your RAID hard drive exhibit the following behaviour, shut down your system and call us straight away: 1. Missing RAID Partitions. 2. RAID Power Surge. 3. RAID Rebuild Errors. 4. Multiple Disk Failure. 5. Loss of Raid Configuration Settings. 6. Incorrect Reconfiguration of RAID. There are a number of problems why your RAID hard disk is failing. Here are the most common problems we look at where RAID hard drives are concerned:

RAID 0 Hard Drive Array Crashes:

Should one of your hard drives start to exhibit any of these sounds then the chance are it has suffered a mechanical fault. Grinding noises indicate the read / write heads have stopped working while beeping and buzzing indicate a motor failure. Regardless of the mechanical fault we can help recover data trapped on the hard drive. Our success rates are high with issues of this type.

RAID 0 Rebuild & Hot Swapping Failure:

If your server components are not working to a 100% capacity, rebuild procedures will always fail. It only takes one component to fail such as the RAID controller for example to stop the rebuild process. It is a fact that every time a rebuild is attempted data is put at risk. Subsequently, should your rebuild attempt fail, call us for free advice before you do anything else. We have extremely good success rates at extracting data as a result of rebuild or sapping problems.

RAID 0 Corrupting Firmware Updates:

Firmware upgrades can often corrupt the RAID file system. Sometimes a power spike can cause circuitry on a PCB to fry. When this happens the hard drives in the system can stop working. Firmware codes are located in the platters inside a hard disk. Regardless of whether the platters have become corrupted or the circuitry has fried we can retrieve the data which has become trapped on a dead drive. Our success rates are high. Call us and we’ll help.

Faulty RAID 0 Mirroring And Missing RAID partition:

Should your system fail to boot after replacing a raid card, or your system fails after an upgrade, the chances are the controller has failed. Often when a card or controller are replaced the firmware clashes and the system is unresponsive as a result. Often, we recover 100% of data under these circumstances and we have a lot of experience at dealing with this type of problem. RAID systems can and do fail especially after an upgrade of one type or another. Sometimes this can result in full or partial data loss. Regardless of your RAID 0 hard drive problem, give us a call and we will help you retrieve your lost data. Call us today.

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