Reigate and Banstead Data Recovery

Data Recovery Reigate and Banstead: For many of us the use of a computer is something that comes as part of our job, either as a member of staff or as the frontrunner in the business itself. But whatever role you play in business the loss of data from your computer’s hard drive can have disastrous effects and as such you need the help of the premier data recovery solutions provider in the Reigate and Banstead area. For more information on how we can help reunite you with your important data quickly and cost effectively call our team today on 01865 593000.

Regardless of whether you have a network running dozens of computers or a small home office with only one, the data you create is as important to you as the next user’s data is to them. With this in mind our data recovery Reigate and Banstead engineers are on hand to help with the problems caused by the loss of data and are able to provide you with a variety of solutions that will allow you to get back to working with your data in its last best configuration before the storage device failed.

The main issue with the failure of storage devices is, as we have often pointed out to clients old and new, they do not always provide any warning and if you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a storage device issue but ‘lucky’ enough to receive some kind of warning then our data recovery Reigate and Banstead engineers recommend powering down your computer to ensure the problems with the drive do not become worse.

Our hard drive recovery solutions are designed to help counteract the issues caused by the degradation of a hard drive or other storage device and with over 16 years’ experience under our belts and a raft of bespoke recovery techniques at our fingertips we are most certainly the premier data recovery solutions provider in the Reigate and Banstead area.

’Here today, gone tomorrow’ – that’s how my hard drive seems to be behaving!

If you are experiencing intermittent issues with your hard drive don’t wait any longer. This is the top of the slippery slope and unfortunately there is only one direction things can go and that is downhill. Our data recovery Reigate and Banstead engineers would strongly encourage powering down your machine if you have suffered unexpected reboots, errors or the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD). Powering down the machine and ensuring no other users can have access to it is one of the ways in which it is possible to increase the chances of successfully recovering your data from a failed device.

Call our data recovery Reigate and Banstead team today on 01865 593000 and speak to a member of our engineering department who will be able to talk you through the initial assessment process as well as provide you with a no obligation no hassle quotation (this may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered a mechanical failure or fault), a preliminary diagnosis of the issue and an explanation of our No Fix No Fee guarantee. If you are happy for us to recover your data and would like us to do so we ask that you forward the storage device (we only need the affected device) to us here at our data recovery Reigate and Banstead and Surrey centre. You can do this by post (we suggest registering or recording your item to ensure safe arrival as we cannot be held responsible for any storage device that is lost in transit), courier service or maybe you would like to drop the device into us in person if you are nearby.

Whichever method you use upon receipt of the storage device into our data recovery Reigate and Banstead centre our engineers will perform a series of tests to diagnose definitively the nature of the problem and will communicate with you via email as to the nature of the problem as well as providing you with a comprehensive list of all the data that can be successfully recovered from the device. (If the data on the drive is more than 30GBs in volume which is larger than our standard allowance to be recovered to data DVDs, we ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stores). When you are happy that we can recover all the data you require we ask that you make full payment to us by BACS, credit or debit transfer (we do not accept PayPal) and on receiving payment we will recover the data to its new media (storage device) and return it to you via next day courier (the cost of which has already been calculated into your quotation with us). For more information on how we can recover your data and for a no obligation quote call our team today on 01865 593000; telephone lines and data recovery centre are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (except Christmas Day and Easter).