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Data Recovery South Oxfordshire: When it comes to ensuring the ensuring the safe return of your data you need the premier data recovery solutions provider for the South Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire area and with that in mind you should call our engineers today on 01865 593000 if the worst case scenario unfolds and you find that you are unable to access the data on your hard drive or similar such storage device. For over 16 years now our team of experts have been reuniting clients – old and new – with the data they need to continue running their businesses or complete coursework successfully or simply ensuring that they were able to carry on with their favourite computer-based pastime. For more information and a no obligation quote call us today.

Solid state technology is the future of how hard drives will be – or so we are told. The idea is that these drives made up of non-moving parts will breakdown less than their moving component counterparts but as our data recovery South Oxfordshire engineers can vouch this is not necessarily the case. It would be fantastic to think that a hard drive with no moving parts with less prone to failure than one with moving parts but sadly this is not the case and where issues with moving parts may not occur other issues fill the void so to speak.

One such drive that our data recovery South Oxfordshire engineers are aware of is the Seagate 1TB 2.5 inch solid state hybrid drive that is primarily used for laptops but can be used within desktop PCs if they have the capacity to hold 2.5 inch drives. And although it is listed as a solid state drive it is a hybrid which means that fundamentally it is a moving part drive based on solid state technology.

Our hard drive recovery engineers have been asked to recover the data from this particular drive on several occasions since its release into marketplace and generally the issues seem to be those caused by the firmware governing the way in which the drive functions alongside its computer counterpart.

Solid state technology fails just like its moving part counterparts!

If you have a Seagate 1TB 2.5 inch solid state hybrid drive and have been experiencing difficulties with it then we suggest you seek the help of the premier data recovery solutions provider in South Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire. We can help recover the data to a new media and get you back to work again as soon as is possible with the highest rate of success available from any data recovery company in the area.

Call us on 01865 593000 and speak to a member of our data recovery South Oxfordshire team who will provide you with an initial diagnosis of the problem as well as a no obligation quote (this may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered a mechanical problem) and an explanation of our No Fix No Fee guarantee. If you would like us to recover the data after you have heard our explanation of the problem and received our quote then we ask that you send the affected drive to us here at our data recovery South Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire centre. You can do this by post, courier or in person if you work/live nearby.

Having taken delivery of the drive our data recovery South Oxfordshire personnel will diagnose the problem definitively and communicate back to you via email. The email we send will not only contain a detailed explanation of the problem caused but also provide you with a comprehensive list of all the files, folders and directories that can be recovered successfully by our experts. If the data being recovered equates to a volume size larger than our 30GBs standard allowance we ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stocks – our engineers will talk you through the list available and help you choose the right one for the job. If you would like us to finalise the process we ask that you make payment to us by credit card or debit card or BACS transfer and on receipt of full payment our team will recover your data to its new medium/storage device and return it to you via next day courier (the cost of this has already been factored into your quotation). For more information on how we can help recover your data or for a no obligation quote call our team today on 01865 593000: our data recovery centre and telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. We hope you won’t need to avail of our services but if you do we can do no better than South Oxfordshire’s premier data recovery solutions provider.